1. Happy national day. I am living saudil arabia morethen 21 years. I am very happy here. This app Twibon. App is very useful thank you so much. 👍👍👍

  2. Mohammed Sarwar Rashid Chowdhury

    Saudi Arabia’s journey of progress and growth inspires us all. Happy National Day to this remarkable nation!”

  3. Happy Happy National day of saudi Arabia

  4. Syed abdullah safi

    Dear Saudis,

    On this day in 1933,A Royal decree from King Abdulaziz ibn saud called for the unification of the kingdom of najed and hejaz under the new name the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2005 King Abdullah first acknowledged that Saudi national day was to become an official holiday. The most important symbol of the day is the national flag, its green color can be found throughout the country.

    Happy Saudi National Day
    Thanks you

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